Dorchester Park Goats For Good!!

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Fecha de creación: 9 de agosto de 2018
The members of the Dorchester Park Association have taken the initiative to bring goats into the Park to help control the invasive weed species that are threatening to take over this historic landscape. Designed in the late 1800’s by Frederick Law Olmsted, the Park provides the people of Dorchester with exactly what Olmsted intended. A beautiful wooded forest area to retreat to in the midst of a busy urban area. Dorchester Park is well loved and well used by its neighbors .The parks 26 acres of beech and oak forest are are home to walking trails and playgrounds, ball fields and tennis courts. People and their dogs, parents and children, runners and ball teams all enjoy the benefits of this beautiful place. Invasive species such as knotweed, bittersweet, catbriar, and poison ivy are taking over the landscape. Boston Parks and Recreation does their part in caring for and mowing, plowing, maintains athletic fields etc... but there are lots of other properties for them to care for too.The Dorchester Park Association picks up where Parks leave off by planning fun community events and helping to initiate cleanups and planting , Easter Egg Hunts and Car Shows.... The Park Association members , regular people like you and I (and we invite you to join!) , see a need to control the invasive species in a safe and natural, low impact manner. Goats love to eat weeds!!! Goats don’t suffer from poison ivy! Goats work at eating weeds all day without complaining! We would like to get the goats into the park on a regular basis for 6-8 weeks at a time on a regular yearly schedule. Returning season after season can eliminate some of the under growth that’s taken decades to accumulate. Renting goats is somewhat affordable and cost effective but we need your help to keep them coming back to be really effective. $ 400 pays for one herd for one week. $100 pays for one goat for one week. $15 pays for one goat for a day. Any amount is appreciated!! Any monies collected above our goal of $10,000 will be put towards our water restoration and tree planting initiatives. We thank you in advance for your support! Let’s make a difference together and keep this special place beautiful and growing!
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With the mail in donations and yesterday’s cash donations received at the Car Show in the Park we have hit $5000!!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Let’s keep our momentum going and spread the word to other park devotees who may be willing to pitch in.
Right now we have expenses for this season covered!
Now We are working on funding to bring the goats back in next year to keep up the great work they’ve done so far!!
We are halfway to goal!! Thankful for all the great people in this community who care...❤️
If all our donors so far can each get ONE more person to give to our campaign we may get there this fall!!!
Thanks to you all!
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Publicada por Lisa Ahern
Hace 1 mes
We’ve got 1700 dollars to keep the goats grazing!!!
Thank You !!!!! ❤️
Keep spreading the word!!!
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4.730 $ del objetivo de 10.000 $

Recaudados de 73 personas en 1 mes
Fecha de creación: 9 de agosto de 2018
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