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Dwayne McDuffie (1962-2011) was keenly aware at a very young age that heroic protagonists who looked even remotely like him were no where to be found in the comic books he loved to read. Ethnically diverse characters were not only woefully underrepresented, but grossly inauthentic. Profoundly inspired by seeing himself reflected in the media as a hero for the very first time via the Black Panther, young Dwayne grew up to become a pioneer of diversity in both the mainstream comic book and animation industries, encouraging and creating widely inclusive, cultural variety with contemporary, non-stereotypical characters to represent the hero in ALL of us.

Today, a Dwayne McDuffie gofundme campaign exists to continue his legacy. The funds raised here by his estate and handled by his widow, Charlotte (Fullerton) McDuffie, are to help establish The Dwayne McDuffie Foundation, which will be a non-profit organization to award academic scholarships for diverse students. The fund will also continue to keep Dwayne’s vision alive by managing and maintaining an archival website for research purposes, and applying on behalf of Dwayne’s fans for his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Diversity in entertainment is an on-going effort, more important now than ever. In his all-too-brief lifetime, Dwayne McDuffie had only just begun his meaningful work that is left for us to continue.

Thank you all in advance for your contributions and for sharing Dwayne’s vision.

A personal note from Mr. McDuffie's widow: 

"Honestly, Dwayne was always expressing frustration that people were just not listening to him, that no one out there in the world was really getting what he was so tirelessly trying to say about and to all of humanity through his (outstanding!) creative work .

It has brought such wistful tears to my eyes since his death to be able to know now for a fact that yes, Dwayne, more people than you ever realized truly did and do understand on a visceral level, wholeheartedly agree with, and support the deeper meaning of your life's work--not just that you told a bunch of pretty good superhero stories. Your passion for inclusiveness, for the entirety of the human race being allowed access to a personal representation in the media--both on screen and behind the scenes--did not go unappreciated as you feared. Far from it! And all the people you did manage to reach during your lifetime have chosen to proudly continue the spirit of your work for you now that you are no longer here to do it yourself. 

You rest, Sweetie--it's okay, we got this. We won't let you down. Promise." 

-Charlotte (Fullerton) McDuffie

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DIGITAL PERK Never shared before now!

We here at Dwayne McDuffie HQ haven't been able to post much on the GoFundMe as before, but expect more regular updates and digital perks on a more regular basis!

With SDCC fast approaching, it seems appropriate to post Dwayne's Inkpot Award he received from Comic-Con International in 2009.

Given to individuals for their contributions to the worlds of comics, science fiction/fantasy, film, television, animation, and fandom services, read entry from Dwayne's old blog on winning such a prestigious award:

My name's on there, seriously.

I just got back from San Diego, I’ll post some of the rest of my adventures shortly, but I had to brag about share one piece of good news. I received Comic Con International’s prestigious 2009 Inkpot Award. I haven’t been able to find a complete list yet, but I know both Stan Freeberg and Hayao Miyazaki also received the award. That’s pretty intimidating company to find myself in, and I’m truly honored.
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DIGITAL PERK Never shared before now!

Dwayne and producer/writer Alan Burnett winning Humanitas Prize in Children's Animation Category for the STATIC SHOCK "Jimmy"

In his creator bio Dwayne joked that after writing THE ROAD TO HELL COMIC he hoped he wouldn't have to give his Humanitas Prize back!
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DIGITAL PERK Never shared before now!

Courtesy of Dwayne's friend and former NYU classmate Gregory Wright, some rarely seen photos of Dwayne from 1985 as the most popular NYU Resident Advisor!

True to form, back in his early days you rarely if ever saw Dwayne smile in a photo.

If you look closely you can spot writer Matt Wayne in one of the photos.
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DIGITAL PERK Never shared before now!

Dwayne was a huge fan of Morrie Turner's WEE PALS comic strip as well as the animated series from Rankin/Bass.

He was featured in the "Keeping the Faith with Morrie" documentary (See Dwayne the 6:17 mark in the doc trailer)

Enjoy these classic WEE PALS comic strips signed to Dwayne by creator/cartoonist Morrie Turner, from Dwayne's personal collection, destined for the Smithsonian NMAAHC.
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87.175 $ del objetivo de 100.000 $

Recaudados de 321 personas en 34 meses
Fecha de creación: 13 de septiembre de 2016
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George Morrow
Hace 8 días

Dwayne McDuffie was an inspiration and a good man.

10 $
David Wilkerson
Hace 14 días

I love Dwayne McDuffie - is one of the all-time greats and one of my faves. God rest his soul.

20 $
Atul Rao
Hace 14 días
50 $
Susan Lambert
Hace 3 meses

Diversity is strength!

50 $
Theodore HURTADO
Hace 4 meses

It's for Charlotte's birthday!

5 $
Marc Von Ahnen
Hace 4 meses

I love Dwayne McDuffie and Justice league.

100 $
Kira Signer-Romero
Hace 4 meses
5 $
Jacob Lawler
Hace 4 meses
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