Cali Fund Relieve

What’s Happening: Colombia, specially the city of Cali is fighting against “La Reforma Tributaria” which is a tax reform that in which middle class (most of the community in Colombia) will be impacted by a 19% tax added to essential things like basic utilities and every day food. Colombia is already a country that suffers from poverty for our government to add this... starting April 28th, 2021. Cali has been protesting hoping that the government cancels this proposal, instead; the government has send the ESMAD(like US SWAT), police and law enforcement to attack the people. These attacked have turned into massacres and the lost of many civilians that were just fighting for a fair country.

These fund will be directly sent to @elnegrojurado_ and will be used to buy items like food, first aid materials, water and milk to help those warriors that are standing at the front line protecting and fight for the people! ANYTHING HELP, NOTHING IS TOO LITTLE OR TOO MUCH!!!


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