Help Emiliano to receive proton therapy

On the 10th of April Emiliano is 23 years old and studying biology in Mexico City when he gets diagnosed with a Medulloblastoma.
A Medulloblastoma is a malignant brain cancer that occurs mostly in children and young adults. Due to its rapid growth, the tumor had already metastasized into the spine when he found out. The doctors immediately removed a big part of the tumor in his brain but several days later the pressure in his brain increased so they had to operate him again, implanting a valve that drains the cerebrospinal fluid into the stomach. Over the last couple of weeks he almost lost all sensitivity and mobility of his legs because of the tumors in his spine.
For further treatment the family wants to take Emiliano to the US where could receive proton therapy which is not available in Mexico. Proton therapy is a very precise radiation treatment where only the area of the tumor is targeted and the healthy tissue doesn't get affected which is very important if you have brain cancer. The side effects of normal radiation therapy are often severe and can range from hearing loss to difficulties with memory and speech. Unfortunately proton therapy will cost 120.000 USD and more depending on the length of the treatment.
It is a tragedy and the family is devastated. As his health is declining rapidly it is very important to start the therapy as soon as possible.
Please help Emiliano and his family to raise the money they need for the treatment! In case we are not able to collect the money needed for this treatment your money will be used to pay for other kinds of important treatment that Emiliano needs!
I'm organizing the fundraiser from Spain so the currency is Euro. The money will then be transferred to Emiliano´s brother Arturo´s account. If you have any questions don´t hesitate to ask. Thanks for your support!56473095_1619708542729882_r.jpeg56473095_1619708607352739_r.jpeg56473095_1619708655164263_r.jpeg


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