Help Matt Fekelman Complete his WeightLoss Journey

Hello Everyone,

After the passing of both his parents, Matt the youngest of three, along with his brother and  sister became part of our family.  Matt, came    to us at the age of 6, weighing 135 pounds. His weight has haunted him all his life.  For me, it
has been heartbreaking watching such a
beautiful, sweet loving boy get bullied much of his childhood life because of his weight.  It has taken a toll on Matt over the years and still
continues to, but in a different way now... hear for yourself from Matt;

I was over 400lbs and I kept getting bigger. I
got to the point where I was wearing XXXXXL Shirts and 54in pants and even started wearing a button extender. I was living in pain in my ankle. I walked with a limp and thought I was going to need to use a cane to walk. I started having trouble wiping myself after using the bathroom. I was depressed and I kept having thoughts I was going to be in a grave in my 30’s. Then I adopted my dog and I wanted to live for her as well as my nieces and nephews. I really didn’t think I was going to have the will power to do it so I didn’t set any goals I just wanted my clothes to fit better. I’ve been able to lose 200lbs in 2 years and I now wear XL shirts and 36in pants which is smaller than I was in High School.
Let’s talk body dysmorphia. I’ve worked hard to lose half my body weight. I am feeling amazing. I feel like a reborn person. I’m wearing smaller clothes than what I wore in high school. I get tons of compliments and yet when I take my shirt off and look in the mirror I feel so fat and gross. All I see is this overhang skin that wraps around my entire body.  You can see my ribs and my sternum and yet I don’t feel skinny. I’ve devoted my life to complimenting women and telling them they are beautiful and I never understood why they are so hard on themselves but now I get it. It’s body dysmorphia.
My hope and prayer is that we can raise enough money for Matt to now have the surgery to remove his extra skin from his dramatic weight loss to complete a life long struggle and finally feel as good on the outside to match his beautiful heart on the inside. I could not be happier or prouder of  him. Unfortunately, in the medical field it is still considered cosmetic and insurance does not pay a penny.


I thank you, my family thanks you and most of all, Matt thanks you. 

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