Larger Than life- the Chi Pig Mural

From October 19, 1962 to July 16, 2020 the world was graced with a musical madman, a spitfire of energy, audacity, and true punk rock grit. Edmonton's beloved punk rock trailblazer Chi Pig, frontman for the legendary punk rock band SNFU is leaving behind a legacy of chaos, energy and brilliance that can never truly be witnessed again. Growing up as little punk brats in Edmonton, no performance has ever rivaled that first time seeing Society’s No F***king Use live. Chi was a whirlwind madhouse, a small frame with the biggest energy, he could blow the roof off and make any tiny venue feel enormous. We lost a true legend yesterday, but his flame will never go out. We want to pay tribute to this monumental character with an equally monumental mural to celebrate the life, music and electricity of our hometown hero. The ambassador for Mr. Chi Pig's family has granted us permission to go ahead with this project and we are teaming up with Chi's friend and photographer Jerry Cordeiro of "The Human's Experience." Now we are reaching out to friends, family and fans to make this tribute a reality. We will be applying to the city and province for the bulk of the funding but want his loved ones to have an opportunity to participate in this tribute. Support from you puts us in a better position to obtain a grant, and every dollar signifies support from the community.  Even without a proper grant, we will make this mural happen. We just want to make it as big as Chi deserves. We are also hunting for the perfect wall for his tribute, and would love feedback from the Edmonton community. 

-Sincerely, L.A.L.A. (Lacey And Layla Art)

Instagram: @laceyandlaylaart

And Jerry Cordeiro 
Instagram: @thehumansexperiance

"Hollywood's lights are fading fast and
Rarely is a new star born
With celebrities dropping off like flies
There will soon be no one left to adore."

-SNFU "What good Hollywood?"


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Equipo de recaudación de fondos: L.A.L.A. (Lacey And Layla Art) (2)

Lacey Jane Wilburn 
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Edmonton, AB
Layla Folkmann 
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