My boy lorenzo the hydro warrior❤❤

Hi am fernando and nikky this our beautiful baby boy lorenzo. How do I start this well we ended up going for our 20 weeks scan to find out that there was fluid on lorenzo's brain so we waited for a letter to go to lgi hospital to have another scan to be told that lorenzo had severe ventriculomegaly as scans went by we were told he suffered some brain damage due to the pressure from the fluid build up in his brain. A part of his brain ruptured a few weeks later and that was a massive shock to us as we dint no what was gonna happen they give us a couple of choices which was to terminate the pregnancy or carry on, it did take us a while to figure out what the best thing to do was, a few days went past and we both decided to keep him. As the pregnancy went on and all these scans we kept on going to all the doctors would say is hes at high risk of been still born or not surviving after birth, he'll be blind, wont walk, deaf, have seizures and so on I just couldn't understand how he could tell from a crappy scan well that made us even more worried. we also had and mri scan which showed he had cyst in the middle of his brain and there was a blockage somewhere. they scheduled a date for the c section for the  8/1/2020 at 36+1 week into pregnancy. So the day came and me and my partner was really scared especially me the daddy I couldn't hold my tears back then mummy started too when they finally started the c section and they took him out they rushed him straight to his little table as it took a good few minutes to get him round it felt like an eternity until we hurd him cry and the tears of joy started anyways he finally got diagnosed with severe hydrocephalus and once he was born they found out that he had no anus so 10 hour ish later he had to have a operation for a colostomy bag hes doing great with it at the moment were just waiting for it to heal up so he can have a shunt put on to drain some of the fluid from his brain but so far hes stable and doing great. Hes had his MRI scan and they've told us he basically has no brain he has a little bit at the front and the brain stem at the back which is what is keeping him alive. I just want to say to families don't always listen to what doctors say because there not always rite as I have proof hes here alive and kicking we wanted to raise some money for lorenzo to get him a brand new pram as the nurses and doctors have said they will need to modify his car seat and pram for his head ect, also to help with travel and food for the hospital as we have other children at home and I've had to take a career break from work so I don't get a wage and were travelling backwards and forwards so we spend time with the other kids too. doctors have told us hes gonna need a bed for the car for travel so now we need to sell the car to get a seven seater car for him now that's another problem hopefully will get there if he reaches past his goal the rest of the money will be donated to the neonatal unit at lgi for the rest of the babies and staff at lgi This one of the hardest things I have had to do to start a GoFundMe page and I do appreciate anything thank you.


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Fernando Pontone 
Liversedge, Yorkshire and the Humber, United Kingdom
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