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The campaign which started with a new roof for an aging couple and their granddaughter has grown to include help for 4 local families. One family of four, 3 of whom suffer kidney issues, receives monthly  transportation money for Mama to receive kidney dialysis 3 times a week...a cost that was 25% of their monthly income.   Another family has a three-year old boy suffering Cerebral Palsy and receives a monthly stipend to help with his 7 daily therapies. He is making wonderful progress and will soon be holding himself up, opening the doors to learning  other skills. The third family is a Senior artist who supports her family making art from natural materials including fish scales, and leaves which are worked and transformed into stunning jewelry. She receive a monthly amount to buy the other supplies like clasps and nylon string, etc.  The last family is suffering heavy costs from cancer care for the mother of the family. We help when requested with their medical bills.

The idea started as a new roof for anyone without, and new security to free seniors and young families from scrambling to cover basic costs of healthcare, and to promote their self-sufficiency, one neighbor at a time.....

I am Robin Brown, a hotel owner and community activist here in Puerto Morelos. A neighbor came by and brought this situation to my attention. We visited the house together, took fotos, and posted them on a fb page for our community. The response was immediate and insistent, so we opened a campaign here on gofundme as requested by our donors.

The money collected here through your generous donations will be sent to my US bank account, and then withdrawn here in Mexico using an ATM...all expenses are documented and recorded, with 100% going for the different charitable projects, assisting households with seniors and children who need shelter improvements and assistance.

Your generous contribution will go to help local families who are so low on the economic spectrum or who suffer extremely heavy loads that they cannot do it alone... We as neighbors helping neighbors count on you so we can help others ! Many many thanks.
  • Carol and Don Schramm 
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    • hace 7 meses
  • Carol Scott 
    • $150 
    • hace 7 meses
  • Stephen Lind 
    • $100 
    • hace 11 meses
  • Carol and Don Schramm 
    • $100 (Fuera de Internet)
    • hace 14 meses
  • Beryl Carter 
    • $20 (Fuera de Internet)
    • hace 15 meses
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Robin Brown 
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