Help Viviana regain independence

You never know.

Viviana is one of the most vibrant and feisty characters you will ever meet. Brilliant manager, loving mum and partner, big hearted and loyal friend, queen of the party and always on the move or bubbling with some new project.


 No one could have seen this coming.

In early March, Viviana was in Fuerteventura (in the Canary Islands) where she spends part of the year with her partner Gianluca.

On the 3rd, she visited a doctor in a private clinic about stomach pain, suspecting kidney stones.

She was sent home (twice) with a prescription for painkillers and some mild kidney stone medication, but the pain was becoming overwhelming and she had started to run a fever.

She woke up in an Intensive Care Unit a few weeks later and was told it’s a miracle she's still alive.

What they had failed to detect was a grave infection around one of her kidney stones that had escalated precipitously to severe Sepsis, and by the time she got to the hospital she was in full Septic Shock.

That night, on the 5th of March, after an emergency operation and with multiple organ failure, she had to be reanimated and brought back to life more than once. The doctors warned Gianluca that she probably wouldn’t make it through the night.

Her life hung on a thread for the next few days, but she stayed.

For the following 3 weeks Viviana was kept intubated and in a coma to allow her organs to recover and start working again one by one after the full shutdown.

After the first week, she was transferred from Fuerteventura to Gran Canaria due to a COVID-related shortage of beds, and as her loved ones were taking a sigh of relief that she had pulled through, the next piece of news arrived.

During those first few days of uncertainty, her extremities (hands and feet) developed necrosis and gangrene as a result of the Sepsis and vasopressors administered in the fight to save her life.

Quadruple amputation
of her limbs was unavoidable.

On the 12th of April she was airlifted to Bologna, Italy and then successfully operated on to amputate both hands below the elbow and both legs below the knee.

Waking up to this shocking reality, the close call with the beyond, and experiences with the different hospitals, have changed Viviana’s life forever. Hopefully, she will be able to share more with you personally at some point soon.

What is clear is that she is DEEPLY GRATEFUL to BE ALIVE 

Rehabilitation from a quadruple amputation is about as long and difficult as you can imagine, and then some. The process requires lots of hard work, patience, emotional resilience, and.... quite a bit of money.

Her medical insurance only covers the most basic prosthetics and while there have been incredible advances in the field, improving quality of life for amputees like her, state-of-the-art prosthetics cost tens-of-thousands of euros, each!

In addition, physical therapy will require moving close to a care facility, and at home she will need a 24hr caretaker for quite a while. A motorized wheelchair and orthopedic hospital bed will also be needed.

And then, once rehabilitation is complete, both her home and vehicle will have to be adapted to fit her reduced mobility and special circumstances.

The expenses of the path to recovery are as significant as the physical challenges.

Viviana has already embarked on a heroine's journey to regain independence and with her incredible spirit and determination we know it is possible, but she needs your help.

The goal of this campaign is to collect funds for the medical treatment Viviana needs, to gain access to quality prosthetics and get her off to a good start in her new life so that – at least for the first couple of years – she will not have to struggle to pay the bills. 

If you feel touched by this courageous journey and are able to, we invite you to send any donation you can.

Viva Viviana!!!

With immense gratitude for all the love and support 

Thank you 

The Family

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