WallStreetBets Superbowl Commercial

We have a team! Contact Sardar at the address listed on this page if you have experience with ad buying or production or making commercials!

The WSB Superbowl Ad was inspired by comments discussing the Superbowl ad Robinhood was funneling money into while they couldn't meet clearinghouse margin deposit requirements. :

IF WE RAISE $6 million:

$5.5 million will buy a 30 second ad during the Superbowl and cement WSB in the history books. GoFundMe takes a cut of of $0.30+2.9%, figure that takes $6 million down to 5.808 million,

Ideally we will be able to produce the commercial with volunteers and have $300,000 cushion if ad time proves more expensive than anticipated. In the event ad space is more expensive the overage provides a cushion to ensure the project will be successful.

Any funds not used to buy or produce the ad will be donated to buy games for kids in hospitals via donation to Childs Play Charity (https://childsplaycharity.org/). If there are better charities to donate any overage to please suggest them as I'm not an expert in the field.

IF WE DO NOT RAISE $6 million but can still buy the airtime:

If we have enough to buy the ad space we will move forward even if we are short of $6 million provided we have a written commitment to sell the ad space for the amount we have.

IF WE DO NOT RAISE $6 million and can't afford the airtime:

All money will be refunded. No funds will be withdrawn from the GoFundMe account. I am not an expert on this platform but welcome any suggestions to verify this. If money has to be spent on production (I can't imagine for what but can't exclude the possibility) that amount will be deducted proportionally from refunds before they are issued.


/u/imreallynotatoaster welcomes help and oversight from any well recognized user, mod, or admin but would particularly appreciate help from /u/mcuban and u/deepfuckingvalue. If we can't get @mcuban /u/imreallynotatoaster is also willing to transfer this account to the senior /r/WallStreetBets mod on their request. 

In the event the Mod prefers for me (u/imreallynotatoaster) to continue managing the project I will provide invoices publicly on the /r/WallStreetBets subreddit. The only conditions to the transfer would be that the new trustee be committed to seeing this through and to to complete transparency in how the money is spent with traceable documentation posted to the WallStreetBets subreddit.



Matt Grant 
New York, NY
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