Free Wolf Price from Jail in Nepal

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Wolf Price is in jail in Nepal. He's innocent.

He was arrested and taken from his home under false allegations on April 4th without evidence or a translator.

A brilliant lawyer in Nepal is working to get Wolf free right now.

How You Can Help

If you can donate money to pay for legal fees or help with housing in California, work, or transport, when he arrives in the USA it's much appreciated.
Many of you have supported his work in Nepal for the last 12 years.

Back Story

Wolf has sponsored scholarships for girls' education in Nepal, built a women's shelter, gotten grants from American Apparel, Motorola, private donors, computers from JP Morgan, cameras from Go Pro, farmed land, built homes, started businesses for Nepali people and saved people and animals with medical expenses.

See his work in Nepal here on his prolific YouTube  channel.

He helped Nepal get back on its feet after the 2015 earthquake. There's been tragedy. One of his students was killed in the earthquake and he helped her family with housing and education.

A team member, Alina, was killed by a wild tiger last year in the jungle and he gave her family assistance and her husband a full-time job. 

Wolf made a documentary, "Within the Four Walls", about the horrible conditions for Nepalese women in one of the poorest countries on the planet. While shooting the film his conviction skyrocketed to do everything he could to help them.

Now Wolf needs us to help him and this terrible violation of human rights for a  man who has given his heart, sweat, money, and years to help women in Nepal. 

Let's get our man free and home now!

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Dear Family and Friends,

We did it! We got Wolf free!

Yes, it happened with your generous support and love.

Wolf is now back in the USA, and we're so happy to welcome him home.

I'm grateful every day for the love and generosity you gave us to get him free, many of you donated multiple times and expressed your tender loving care for Wolf and I.

My heart is full from your love and friendship.

Please stay connected with us!


Wolf's YouTube Channel

Mary's YouTube Channel
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Hello its me Wolf. As of today I'm free from jail and already on the way to USA via Qatar.

I can't explain how thankful and humbled I am by all the support through this fund. Without you I really could have been years in jail because having a top quality lawyer was key to get justice.

The crazy thing is that the 5 months and 8 days it took to get a judgment is actually extremely fast compared to all the people around me with pending cases, they can last longer than 2 years!

I don't have much else to say but I don't know how to express how much you all impacted this situation, for sure the biggest challenge of my life.

So I'll be back in California Saturday and hope to meet anyone who is available and catch up and answer your questions etc.

Lastly a final request, if I can crash with you for a day or more or if you have any leads about cheap places to rent, or a car to buy, I would be happy because I need to find a room and transportation Asap.

I wrote some other info on my FB profile if you want to check that out.

Thanks again and love you all,

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Dear Friends and Family,
You might not know how Wolf started in Nepal so I'm updating with a video he made when he asked American Apparel, Speck, and GoPro to get involved.
He contacted the founder of American Apparel by phone.
Dov, the CEO, wanted to talk with Wolf but was slammed with work so Wolf jumped in his van and drove from Palo Alto to Los Angeles, with no appointment to speak to him in person.
Wolf and American Apparel designed an elegant tee shirt, available worldwide, with all proceeds going to Beyond the Four Walls, from that meeting.
One of the things that launched his 12-year career of changing people's lives here in Nepal.
Check it out.
Thank you for your prayers, blessings, and generous donations, every dollar goes to legal fees, books for him to read, he's now reading Stephen King, medical care (he was in the hospital for 5 days in May) cinnamon buns, brownies, and cheese, and will be spent on flights after he is free.
Praying for his release non-stop.
Love and Blessings,
Mary Bartnikowski
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Dear Friends and Family,
Your emotional and financial support has been a miraculous gift in this crisis.
I will be able to speak more freely about the judicial system here, the on-going strife of getting things to happen and details of the best outcome which is coming, when I'm back in the USA.
It's not in the best interest of Wolf to be public about his progress but I'm praying it won't be long now.
Being framed is a messy business here, but good things are happening and as I have said before, angels, and I do mean it, have stepped up to help us.
In the middle of an infuriating bout of walking on quaked and broken sidewalks, dealing with bureaucrats and being deluged with monsoon rain in an instant the sun shines through for a minute:
Seeing Wolf's face, getting English speaking help from a stranger, or miraculously receiving assistance from an official who suddenly changes their mind.
Thank you for the prayers, love, and donations.
Love and Hugs,
The video: the earthquake shelter that Wolf built was a huge undertaking especially since he completed it when India had cut off all supply of petrol to Nepal after the quake. Incomprehensible.
I was the there the day his shelter opened and saw the arduous task of finishing the plumbing and installing the water supply.
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19.975 $ del objetivo de 22.000 $

Recaudados de 162 personas en 5 meses
Fecha de creación: 11 de abril de 2018
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