Mariam Nabatanzi

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My name is Catherine Kalanzi and I would like to raise money for Mariam Nabatanzi, a single mother of 38 children, in Uganda.  I first came to know about Mariam through social media.  After a few times of watching her plight, I decided to follow up her story and get her contact details to see if anything could be done to ease her and children's lives.  After being encouraged to have more children by her husband, he left her for another woman, because he couldn't cope with the number of children. 

Money raised will be to educate her children, to pay medical bills, buy a piece of land and build a house that can fairly  accommodate Mariam and her children and finally to start up a business of her choice.

This cause means so much to me because Mariam suffers from a very rare fertility condition, hence having 38 children at 39 years old.  She loves each and single one of her children dearly. She lives for her children.

I will highly appreciate your donation towards helping this single hard working mother and her children, to have decent lives.

To help me get the word out you can share this link on various social media platforms. Thank you and God bless.
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Hi all, this is a quick update on the GoFundMe Campaign to help Mariam Nabatanzi.

As you may know, I learnt about Mariam Nabatanzi’s plight via social media. Mariam is a single mother of 38 children and is struggling to look after them. I was touched by her sad story and I decided to do something about it.

In August 2018 I made contact with Mariam and asked her to let me know the most important things that could change and improve her situation. She said that her major concerns were owing a house to live in and a piece of land to grow food for her children. Following that conversation, I decided to set-up this GoFundMe page.

In December 2018, thanks to your generosity, we managed to pay for the property where Mariam and her family live now. This is her property and no one can ever take it away from her.

The next phase in this journey is to obtain a piece of land for Mariam to grow food to feed her family of 38 children and maybe sell any surplus food. Ideally this land should be close to where she live. In this locale, we need to raise at least £5000 to buy a land big enough for what she wants to do with it. Growing her own food will help Mariam bring down her subsistence budget and hopefully save money towards other necessities.

Mariam is very grateful for the support received so far and I thank you all for your generosity but as you can see the campaign is still on going.

A few people have been inquired about sending gifts and clothes to Mariam. Unfortunately I cannot help on that one. My aim was to accomplish the two items I mentioned above i.e. Mariam’s home and a piece of land.

On behalf of Mariam Nabatanzi and her family, thank you once again. Your generosity is highly appreciated. God bless you.
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2.243 £ del objetivo de 5.000 £

Recaudados de 89 personas en 9 meses
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