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Medical Expenses

Even with insurance, medical bills can be a financial burden. How do you get help with medical expenses that aren’t covered? From doctor’s bills and insurance co-pays to travel costs and lost wages, you can get the financial assistance you need with a GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign. It’s fast, easy, and free to start a GoFundMe.

Easy Crowdfunding

Whether you, a family member, or a friend is the patient, GoFundMe can help with medical bills, experimental drugs, alternative treatments, and more. Do you need help paying for drug trial or an expensive procedure? Starting a GoFundMe is a debt-free alternative when you or a loved one is fighting an illness or medical condition.

Fight Cancer

Get support in finding the cure, whether it’s a personal battle with cancer, a campaign for a charity, or for a friend going through a tough situation. Chemotherapy, radiation, immunotherapy, and other life-saving treatments are both difficult and costly. GoFundMe helps you and your loved ones get financial support during a challenging time.
Are other people crowdfunding for medical costs?
Yes. Campaign organizers have raised millions of dollars on GoFundMe to get debt-free financial support for medical costs. It can be hard to ask for help, so GoFundMe makes it simple to get donations from friends, family, and your community to ease the burden of medical bills.
Is setting up a GoFundMe easy? Will I have time for it?
Whether it’s you or a loved one facing illness or medical treatment, GoFundMe makes it easy to tell your story and start raising funds quickly. You can even manage your campaign and keep supporters in the loop from your mobile device.
Is GoFundMe just for medical bills? What about other costs?
You can use GoFundMe for lost wages, travel expenses, alternative treatments, physical therapy, and much more. The more specific and clear about what you need the funds for in your campaign description, the better.
How do I make sure my campaign will raise money?
There are a lot of factors that go into a successful GoFundMe. First, make sure you tell a compelling story. Explain what you need and how quickly you need it. Most importantly: we are here to help! Our happiness team can answer your questions in 5 minutes—24/7.
Do you have other resources to help me out?
For detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to set up your GoFundMe, just click here.

What to include in your GoFundMe:

  • A specific campaign title

  • A description of the medical issue

  • Details of the treatment and the estimated costs

  • An explanation of how these funds will help you or the person you love

Share your GoFundMe with:

  • Family, friends, and relatives

  • Members of your faith community

  • Your Facebook and other social media contacts

Make sure you:

  • Include compelling pictures or videos

  • Check your spelling and grammar

  • Write from the heart

  • Send regular updates to your supporters

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