Nikeela Rides Again

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On the afternoon of September the 2nd, Nikeela had won two races and was in the lead for another when the unthinkable happened.  Her mount summersaulted, obliterating her spine leaving her paralyzed from the ribs down.  She also suffered secondary injuries ranging from facial lacerations to a collapsed lung.  It is amazing she survived.

Challenge and adversity have always been a part of Nikeela's life and have forged her into the person we all know and love.  She now faces her greatest challenge yet; the process of relearning how to perform tasks that were once second nature.  The road to recovery will be long and demanding, filled with physical and emotional difficulties.
Today, Nikeela's spirit remains as strong as ever.  It is a true joy to see her familiar spunk and wit emerging again.  With the recent events, we have all been reminded how drastically life can change in an instant. 

We are asking for contributions from those who have been touched or inspired by Nikeela. This fund will be dedicated to the construction of a living space that will eliminate some of the impediments that will be confronting her on a daily basis.  She is tough, she's got this, she's a surviver.  This fund is about creating a space for her to thrive as she takes on this fresh challenge.
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Recap, my first real week at Craig. They keep me busy in therapies from right to four. Our highlights were getting our off campus pass and car pass. We surprised Lee by picking him up from the airport. He didn't see that coming! We were even able to go out to a nice seafood dinner to celebrate our two year anniversary. That was my first time navigating the real world in my wheelchair and that was a learning experience. I am getting the opportunity to demo different wheelchairs to select which one will work best for me as well as discussing home modifications with my therapists. My heart is full after spending the weekend with two of my favorite people, my sister and my best friend, Leah, pretty much eating our way through Denver. Once again, there were many lessons to be learned during our excursions. Some days are hard but I continue to get stronger and have a tentative discharge date of November eight. I can't thank everyone enough for their support!
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Good morning! My new address for the next couple months is as follows:

Nikeela Abrams c/o Craig Hospital
3425 South Clarkson Street
Englewood, CO 80113

Room 239

Thank you.
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Craig Hospital day three update today was my first weekend day at Craig. It was nice to have some down time and relax after such a busy couple of weeks. I also got moved into a private room today which was super exciting.
I'm looking forward to Monday with a focused game plan on rehab and preparing and every way possible for this next phase of my life. I can't say enough good things about the stuff here at Craig, they are have been most informative and encouraging through this process! My sister and Lee have finished their first level of testing and were cleared to take me outside to explore the grounds. It felt wonderful to sit in the garden and enjoy the plants and sunshine. As always, thank you for the continued thoughts and prayers. I hope you enjoy the photos!
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45.906 $ del objetivo de 25.000 $

Recaudados de 311 personas en 2 meses
Fecha de creación: 3 de septiembre de 2018
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