Noah Harris's Hospital Bills

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My name is Noah, you guys have been hitting up my mom for answers. I didn't show my vulnerable side often. I love my friends but my mom is my closest friend. This is how she sees me. It used to bother me when she took my photos  but now I understand why. When I wake up. My mom's convinced that I will be this dude in these photos again, only better. I'll see how much I'm loved and I'll remember what is worth living for.                                                                                                                                            No more street drugs, no more near death, no more not knowing where I'm going to sleep. My mom wishes we would look out for one another instead of looking after. My mom sees beautiful spirits unable to find their way in the light . We aren't like those people that fake it, we aren't bad asses. We're someone's child. We're someone's friend. Sometimes we're someone's lifeline. Eventually my mom will have time to answer more questions. Right now she's trying to keep my hospital stay calm. When you bring up the past it triggers sometimes. She knows I'm a rock for many people going through rough time but my mother is my rock. She would trade her spirit for mine if it meant I could do something as simple as read a book. I use to read books. I like to shop as you know but even that turned into something else. 
My mom said God's got plans. He shows us our shit then helps is build a garden with it. My mom's good at gardens. She will keep me blooming. 
I miss you guys but we're in dark places. If you learn anything. Know. I love you guys. But this was the only way god could align all of my wrongs to be made right. For me not against me. See. What we leave behind in this life. We begin with in the next. My.mom knows this. She's really smart about life. She's just like me though. She is impulsive with feelings. This isn't always the best path to take. What you say when none is listening might  become your reality. I just wanted help. I wanted my mom and my friends. My mom wanted me happy healthy and well adjusted. Now the nurse keeps adjusting me and my kidneys and liver are in great shape.                                                                                                    -Tonya (Noah's Mother)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Its been really rough for Tonya, If you could donate anything to help with the hospital bills it would take a world of stress off of Tonya's shoulder's. Her main focus needs to be nurturing Noah back to health. any and all donations will be used strictly for Noah's healthy return.
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Hi everyone !
Noah has opened his eyes. He communicates by blinking. He gets emotional.at times.
I've gone online to research what happens when someone wakes from a coma/ medically induced coma. Apparently it can be very scary at times when you are surrounded by people you've not spent a great deal of time with. Memories are hazy. Please be mindful when you visit Noah. Please watch videos on YouTube of people that have experienced what Noah might be experiencing. He's had two surgeries this past week. You guys love him I know. I do too more than you possibly know but I try to limit my time talking to him out loud. He may try to respond and he just had a trache inserted. I know you want his things but they are his things. Please don't ask me for his hoodies etc. He would totally offer them to you. I would too but they are also his and he is being pillaged as he sleeps. I love you kids. But I don't know everyone. And someone may be a hurtful memory to Noah. I know you see it as an opportunity to make amends but his memory has been impacted right now. He may it may not remember the hurt and I don't wish that for him.
He's slowly becoming aware and please. Use the honor system. He has a lot of friends. It's not fair if the same friends monopolize visits. If you've spent more than three hours with him in the past week please let other friends visit. I love him too and I would love if you did what I'm going to do. I'm going to take a garbage can and a box. I'm going to fill the garbage can for an hour and the box with garbage on the street. I'm going to fill the box with recycling. I'm going to not eat meat or dairy. Every day. For as long as I am able. One never knows.
I'm going to think positive thoughts of Noah and nature. The animals suffer greatly for those medications that Noah is on. I'm trying to pray without asking for anything more than I contribute. I can't clean nature 24/7 but if everyone contributes one hour I see that as a means to find healing for my son god asks that we not as for more than we give. Can you please help. Noah is the guy who offers you his jacket if you're cold. Please don't ask him for his jackets when he's in the hospital with ice packs on him. If everyone takes his things he's going to feel it. You may think it's bonding. But it's not. He's unable to decide right now.
Please respect this. When he wakes up. Let him look into your eyes and recognize that you love him. That is the greatest gift. If everyone's wearing his stuff. He's going to look up and say wtheck is going on? Think about it. I gave one of his friends a hoodie. He's not worn it before I don't think. I picked it up thrifting and washed it and brought it in case he woke up. It was a sign of valor. I know you know and that's why you ask. It's not a competition. This is his life. He's in the ICU. It's not been a fun place for him. He's a human being. Please be the friend that you are hoping to find in Noah.
Noah himself has values to learn when he awakens. I love you all
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My son. As I sit up in the sofa bed in the ICU. Amazed at the love that has come through this hospital room I'm in awe. Your voices are often shadowed with afukts and their life experiences. What the adults fail to aknowledge is that you kids are paying for our sins. It hurts and I'm broken up inside seeing my son like this. I spent my life hovering over him trying to make sure he didn't get hurt and I failed. To my son. I've learned how the universe works and with my heart my soul and my spirit I will stand by you and try not to hover. I'm praying that you forgive me for not letting to fight the easy battles on your own so they would prepare you for the big ones. I quit drinking Dr pepper and come. I figure if you quit I can quit too. An addiction is an addiction. It doesn't matter what it is. It could be food,things,opinions and judgement, Dramas. I'm going to focus on what I can do to help you heal. You inspire me and you've opened your heart and your spirit with me. I'm counting on you to look out for me when I'm really old. Like protect me from the dirty diaper monster. I love you Noah. Thank you kids for being amazing. ! Love mom
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5.333 $ del objetivo de 10.000 $

Recaudados de 141 personas en 21 días
Fecha de creación: 3 de septiembre de 2018
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