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From pre-K to PhDs, GoFundMe is here to help with all of your education needs. Join thousands of campaign organizers across the globe who have raised money to help students, teachers, educators and principals reach their potential—without letting finances block their success. GoFundMe is a great way to raise money for tuition, test fees, application fees, school supplies, classroom furniture, and even international schools. Check out some GoFundMe education success stories below.

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Success Story: International School Fundraising

  • David, Fulbright English teacher
  • $9,000+

Kailash is a crumbling government-led boarding school in Kolkata, India that gives 700 students the opportunity to receive an education they never imagined. With most students living below the poverty line and unable to pay the 250 rupee tuition ($5), David raised over $9,000 to give the school a necessary facelift. more

Success Story: Field Trip Fundraising

  • Kacie, teacher and field trip organizer
  • $7,000+

Attending a Title 1 school in Fairfield, California, Dover Academy’s students rarely have the opportunity to leave their town, let alone visit a national park. After the 7th and 8th graders raised over $6,500 themselves, Kacie created a GoFundMe to help them raise the remaining $7,000. The students were ecstatic for the opportunity to explore Yosemite. more

Success Story: Elementary School Playground Fundraising

  • Candy, teacher and playground advocate
  • $55,000+

With 151 special ed students aged 3-5 years old, Simpson Elementary School’s playground needed upgrades to meet their students’ needs. Candy recognized the importance of social interaction on the school playground and created a GoFundMe that raised over $55k to enhance her students’ daily lives. more

Success Story: Music Education Fundraising

  • Baset, Afghan trumpeter
  • $80,000+

With the Taliban in Afghanistan forbidding music, the "best trumpeter in the country" knew that practice was risky. Desperate to follow his passion, Baset took Skype lessons from an American teacher, was accepted into a music program at the University of Kansas, and was able to afford tuition thanks to a campaign set up by his mentors. more

Success Story: Medical School Tuition Fundraising

  • Dolapo, international medical student
  • £30,315+

Dreaming of being a doctor, Dolapo was crushed when she realized she didn’t have enough money to cover her 4th year tuition at the University of Leicester in England. Determined to receive her degree, she turned to GoFundMe to raise the remainder of her tuition and complete her final year of medical school. more

Success Story: Classroom Tablet Fundraising

  • Jason, all-boys public school teacher
  • $6,500+

Recognizing the importance of technology in the classroom, Jason created a GoFundMe to purchase 30 Galaxy tablets with cases for students. After choosing a reading typically ignored by his 152 students, he assigned it on the tablets and was ecstatic to receive 100% participation for the first time ever. more

Success Story: Bar Exam Fundraising

  • Ashley, Stetson University College of Law graduate
  • $1,500+

As the end of Ashleigh’s law school career was quickly approaching, she was ecstatic that she already had a job offer. The only thing standing in her way was enough money to sit for the Florida Bar Exam, so she set up a GoFundMe to raise over half of the costs for the exam. She’s now well on her way to being Ashley Brooks, Esquire. more

Success Story: 1st Year Teacher Fundraising

  • Tanisha, 5th grade teacher
  • $1,300 +

After graduating from Columbus State University, Tanisha couldn’t be more honored to enter her first year of teaching a group of 5th graders. Acknowledging the importance of an engaging classroom, she set up a GoFundMe to raise money for flexible classroom furniture so her students could learn while staying comfortable. more

Success Story: Robotics Competition Fundraising

  • Panther Bots, Pleasant Run Elementary School Robotics Team
  • $12,000+

After winning the Indiana State Championship, the Panther Bots needed to raise $8,000 to attend the highly anticipated World Championship. The community rallied behind the five fourth graders and smashed through their GoFundMe goal by raising over $12,000 for the students to attend the competition. more

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